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Dental Bonding
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We at Assaf Dental in Farmington Hills and Shelby Township have a friendly staff that wants to welcome you. If you need professional dental care during your dental bonding procedure, then look no further. We can help you improve your smile with our dental bonding procedure.

Our dentists are trained to repair imperfections such as chips, fractures, gaps, and discoloration in your teeth. In comparison to veneers or crowns, this treatment is less invasive and less expensive. If you go in for regular checkups at our dentist, you should only need to have the procedure done once, and the results should last for many years. If you want your smile to look shiny and beautiful, then do think about dental bonding.

What Is Dental Bonding?

With dental bonding, tooth-colored resin is used to enhance a tooth’s aesthetics. Then, a certain light is used to mold the resin and set its hardness. Later on, a healthier grin develops over time to make your teeth look just perfect. Chipping, cracking, gaps, and discoloration can all be remedied by dental bonding. Moreover, it is a painless process that you can avail without even using pain relievers. You just need to visit our dentist once for this, and it won’t take long at all. If you take good care of your dental bonding, they could last for years. To get a beautiful smile, you should definitely discuss this with one of our dentists.

When Is Dental Bonding Recommended?

Dental bonding is used for modest cosmetic tooth alterations. Furthermore, this procedure fixes chipping, damages, cracks, discoloration, and tooth shortening. Bonding can also seal tiny gaps or cover exposed root surfaces. It takes one dentist visit and a little time, and that’s all you need to get it done. Apart from being inexpensive like veneers or crowns, dental bonding may be an option if you’re unsatisfied with your smile but not ready for more extensive dental work.

Dental Bonding Procedure Details

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the application of a tooth-colored resin material to the teeth to improve your appearance. This material is shaped and molded to match the surrounding teeth before being cured with a special light. When compared to other cosmetic dental treatments, the bonding procedure is simple to perform, quick, and economical. It is frequently used to repair chipped, or discolored teeth, as well as to fill gaps and reshape irregular teeth. Our dentist provides high-quality dental bonding services to improve the appearance of your smile. Whether you need a minor touch-up or a complete smile makeover, our dental team will ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Is Dental Bonding Painful?

Bonding teeth for cosmetic dentistry purposes causes very little pain. Patients can experience pain or sensitivity during tooth surface preparation; however, this is usually manageable with pain medication. The bonding process involves applying a tooth-colored resin material, which is then molded and shaped to fit the surrounding teeth. Next, UV light will be used to cure the substance. A natural tooth appearance will result from the finished product’s seamless integration with your existing teeth. In most cases, patients have very mild discomfort following treatment and gain instantaneous advantages, including increased self-esteem due to their improved smile.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Dental bonding lasts 3–10 years, depending on the bonding substance, your oral care, and the amount of wear and tear your bonded teeth suffer. Our robust dental bonding materials will keep your bonded teeth looking fantastic for years. Regular brushing and flossing and eliminating habits like teeth grinding and nail-biting will help to strengthen the bond. Our dental specialists can touch up or repair your bonding to keep a gorgeous smile and form a lasting, smile. beautiful one. help the teeth


What Are The Pros Of Dental Bondings?

Dental bonding has several benefits:

  1. Dental bonding can improve the appearance of your smile and teeth whitening in just one office visit at a low cost.
  2. Dental bonding, in contrast to other forms of cosmetic dentistry, is minimally invasive because it does not require considerable tooth preparation or healing time.
  3. Dental bonding is advantageous because the bonding material may be adjusted to fit the patient’s needs and the patient’s teeth.
  4. Dental bonding can fill gaps, reshape uneven teeth, and repair chipped, damaged, or discolored teeth.

Dental bonding is our specialty. Our skilled dentists and modern workplace ensure your comfort.

What Are The Cons Of Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding, a common aesthetic dental procedure, has certain downsides. Dental bonding disadvantages:

  1. If you have a chipped tooth, dental bonding may be a solution, but keep in mind that it may chip or deteriorate over time.
  2. Dental bonding may stain over time.
  3. Maintaining dental bonding involves regular brushing and flossing, so got to be on top of your oral hygiene.

We deliver the latest dental care information and advice to our patients. Our dental professionals will help you decide if dental bonding is correct for you and give you the treatment you need to get the results you want.

How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost?

Dental bonding costs vary by procedure and material. Dental bonding is often covered by dental insurance, decreasing patient costs. Many of our patients worry about cost, so we try to keep our services reasonable. Our dentists will provide you with a dental bonding cost estimate during your consultation. We will tailor a treatment plan to your budget and dental needs. Contact us for a dental bonding cost consultation. We’ll help you get a gorgeous, healthful tooth.

Dental Bonding Near Me

Some of the most skilled and qualified dental bonding experts in the state can be found at Assaf Dental in Farmington Hills and Shelby Township, Michigan. Our expert dentists provide tailored high-quality care. To ensure that your bonding operation is secure, comfortable, and productive, we employ cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our dentists will tailor a treatment plan to your needs and goals during your consultation. We can give you a natural-looking smile if you’re missing one or more teeth. Start your journey to a confident and attractive smile with a consultation today.

Dental Bonding: How To Book An Appointment?

Assaf Dental in Farmington Hills and Shelby Township, Michigan, makes scheduling easy. Call our helpful staff at (248) 702-6117. Name, contact, and insurance information will be requested during your call. Our experts will then help you choose a date and time.

You will receive a confirmation call or email with all the required information, including what to expect, what to bring, and how to find the office, after scheduling your appointment.

Our patients receive the greatest care at Assaf Dental. We recognize that life may be stressful, so we provide flexible scheduling and are willing to work with your schedule.